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Mobile bars

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Event Bartending & bar camper

We bring the bar to you! Packages can be as simple as beer & wine service or as detailed as our full bar camper, Clyde, with signature drinks and a great back drop. Let us help design the bar you imagine!

Photo Booths

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Photo Booth & Photo Camper

In Good Spirits now offers photo booth services. Both portable indoor setups and a vintage photo camper, Bonnie. Our portable setup is up and ready to be at your event. Bonnie is in the beauty shop and is booking for September events and beyond.


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Currently wandering the Southeast!


Shannon and Stephan love to live life. Whether they are racing sailboats in Charleston, mountain biking in Asheville, or hiking the AT in Virginia, they are always up for an adventure. For years, they used bartending to supplement their lifestyles. They enjoy the creativity and engagement that is at the heart of mixology.

Once, while volunteering at a music festival, they were fortunate enough to be stationed in a vintage camper bar (the first that they had ever seen). They walked away from that event knowing what they had to do. Less than two weeks later, they were on their way to pick up Clyde, their first mobile bar to be. Clyde is a 1968 Frolic that has been repurposed to be a mobile bar.

With Stephan's background in design and construction, and Shannon's experience as an event planner and venue manager, they realized quickly that this new endeavor was going to be their next big adventure! Two campers and one mobile bar later, they are living out their vision, and providing a fun and unique bar experience.

January 2019, they broke ground on camper renovation #2. Welcome Bonnie, the photo booth camper. She is a 1961 Shasta Airflyte that has been waiting in storage for the past 8 months. Finally, it’s her time to shine. Stay tuned and follow her instagram page to keep up with her renovations. She is booking events September and beyond. Bonnie will match Clyde, making them a great pair to bring to your party.